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How Venezuela Went From A Rich Nation Of Immigrants, To A Hungry Nation Of Refugees

"It’s hard to believe now, but in 1950, Venezuela was the fourth-richest country on earth. Tragically, over the course of the next six decades, Venezuela was transformed from a prosperous nation of immigrants to a devastated and poor land full of people in need of refuge."

Debunking myths of Sweden socialism

Denmark is not socialist

"...Denmark and the Nordic “socialist” countries have more economic freedom than the United States..."

"...In fact, taxes are much higher in Denmark – especially on the poor and middle class. The government confiscates more than half of virtually all incomes. Low-income Danes pay an effective marginal tax rate of 56 percent; the middle class pay 57 percent."

The Myth of Cuba's Glorious Health Care System

OAN investigation into Ukrainegate

Sweden Not a Socialist Success

Somali-Born Journalist Returned To Her Homeland To Document How 'Safe' The Country Is But Terrorists Killed Her

Public Choice Theory: Why Government Often Fails

613 Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

Lindsey Graham erupts: Kavanaugh hearing an unethical


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