that's not real socialism, yeah, right…

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Do you remember when LIBERALS not only praised the Chavez regime but pointed to it as an example of what the USA should be? Today, when you confront liberals with this reality, their proforma response is--> that's not real socialism, yeah, right… Every failure is never “real socialism”, after more than 100 million people killed by socialist regimes, and after many broken socialist nations in financial crisis, liberals insist on socialism. Liberals claim to oppose authoritarian regimes, but history has shown that they always had love affairs with ruthless communist and socialist dictators and mass murderers: Do you remember Hanoi Jane Fonda supporting the Vietcong during the Vietnam war? Do you remember Oliver Stone’s apologetic movie about Chavez? Do you remember other liberals praising Chavez: Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Sean Penn, Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, Jeremy Corbyn, Naomi Campbell, Joseph Stiglitz, Danny Glover. Do you remember all the liberals that praised Fidel Castro? What about all the idiotic liberals who wear clothes with the image of the psychopathic mass murderer, Che Guevara?

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