Libertarians are NOT Republicans

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I'm getting really sick and tired of propagandizing media liberals intentionally misrepresenting the Libertarian Party to the people who are increasingly dissatisfied with the status quo from the two "major" parties.

Libertarians are NOT Republicans. What the author of this article described is NOT Libertarianism is crony capitalism where the rich use the power of the government to artificially control a not at all free market.

Libertarians are those who want only to be left alone and for the government's role to be more limited and clearly defined. The Federal government should have absolutely nothing to do with your everyday life. Your state government should have very little to do with your life. Your local goverment(s) should be the only ones you truly have to care about.

No one should be able to use the power of the state to gain an unfair advantage over others and no one should be able to coerce others into their own view of accepted behavior. THAT is the core philosophy of Libertarianism.

For anyone interested, you can find a detailed breakdown of the Libertarian Party platform at

As for you David Horsey, f you're going to condemn the political views of others, at least have the courtesy of doing some basic research first. Your straw-man arguments are pathetic.

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