Entry #72

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InteractiveBrokers TWS programmers are stupid monkeys.

Today TWS decided to update before market close (I ran it this morning too and there was no update) and failed to update under Linux, I switched to Windows laptop, it updated, forced JRE update but then failed to start the session - was freezing during parameters request. I had 1 hour before the close but I did not manage to login until the market closed. This is outrageous. I understand we all make mistakes, but who are those morons who decide to roll out updates before market close? They do this all the time. They always put out updates near 1 or 2 p.m. The update is often slow and therefore very annoying even when it works. I never sure if I will make it if I launch it too close to the EOD. Retards. Or am I the only one who launches TWS only before market close? I have installed "stable" versions that do not update on both laptops afterwards, indeed...