Why a lot of food gets thrown away

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We throw away a lot of food because it is expired. most of that food is still edible, but we cannot sell it because we (the store) and the producer of the food fear liability charges. Not because we would lose the legal case, far from it. Rather we fear public outrage. Think Chipotle and their food poisonings. Very little substantiation or legal charges. Yet, it was a big deal.

Companies FEAR public relationships going bad. Liability is FAR MORE REACHING than any health law or code. So we throw the food away instead of donating it. Why? Honestly we (the specific store) don't care. But the people we donate it to WONT TAKE IT FROM US.

Also, it costs a crap ton to refrigerate or freeze food. Often the food banks in the area won't accept enough food from us because they cannot store it. And it piles up QUICK in out freezers. We either have to not sell any food, because we cannot store anything that the consumer would buy. Or we have to throw the food away.

This problem is a lot more complicated than 'corporate greed' or 'legal liability claims'. This problem rests squarely on the whims of the mass public. Put money into food banks. Don't punish food banks for food poisonings until substantiated. And be willing to buy food that isnt WEEKS from the expiration date. Seriously, consumers DIG through piles of perfectly fine food to purchase the ones in the back that are months from expiring, then come back tomorrow to purchase more again. YOU are the problem. Not law. Not corporations. You.